Monkeys, moving, doctors, and booze.

Went to the Zoo yesterday. ^_^ The only bad part was, was that it was really hot and 50% of the animals looked super depressed. There were some really cute monkeys, though. :3 My favorite parts were the monkeys and the fish. And the reptiles. And the bugs. And the polar bears. Oh hell. I love the zoo. :D

Wednesday I have an appointment with the surgeon to discuss the removal of my tonsils. I'm not happy about them being removed just because I hate the thought of going through surgery, as small as it may be. I'm still scared. I'm happy, though, because I'll finally stop getting these stupid infections all of the time. I'm so sick of them. I'm worried about my piercings, though. They'll probably want to take out all of my oral piercings, which SUCKS because my side lip isn't healed yet. I'll discuss this with them. I just hope they don't insist on me taking out all of my piercings... cause then we'll have an issue. Bah.

Also, on Wednesday, I have an eye appointment. Blahhhh. I figured it's time for one, considering my double vision at times and constant headaches. Oh yeah. And having crappy vision, too. It's all going to be out of pocket, but I'll live. It's not too expensive.

This weekend I'll be moving into my new apartment with Jessica and Steven. I hate packing. T_T I hate it so much.

This Friday is of course my birthday. Still don't have any set plans. I guess I'll just do a "come on over" kinda deal for anyone who wants to stop by and wish me a happy birthday. :shrug: I think I have to go to lunch with my grandma that day. THAT should be fun. >.> Those conversations are always so forced and awkward.

So.. who's bringing me jello shots and boones farm for my birthday? Hm?

Oh. I bought the book "Stardust". I want to see it before I see the movie even though I know I'm going to be upset about the movie after reading the book. Neil Gaiman is just such an amazing author, though.

Oh. Who has all the Harry Potter movies that wants to let me borrow them?? I want to watch them before I see the new Harry Potter. ><

Coffee with Miss Kayleigh in 30 minutes.

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Everytime we say goodbye

Seeing my family was the best gift I could ever get for the holidays. Unfortunately, doing nothing everyday made time go by really quickly, and before I knew it, the week was over. Cut my sister's hair. Played Guitar Hero with everyone in the family. Watched movies. Ate right. Getting on that plane was not so easy. I missed everyone at home, of course, but seeing them walk away was difficult. Very difficult. :sigh: I'll see them again sometime..

Home again, home again, jiggity jig.

Back at home. Back at work. Band practice like normal. Falling back into monotony.


Delusions of Faith is having a show at the Elbow Room in Ypsilanti on Saturday evening. Time will be 9pm I'm assuming. More details to come.

Not sure what's going on for New Year's. Probably not going to drink too much. I'm assuming that there will be a get-together at my apartment. Need to talk to the roommates about it though.

I miss Denny's. I miss the Necto. And I miss you.

I feel so damn independent. Maybe it's just being with my parents for a while and now being on my own. I'm gonna miss getting free food...

Hope everyone is having a decent holiday season. I'm thankful for the lack of snow. That makes me a happy Cassie.

I left my phone charger in WA. Doh. Gotta get that back soooooon.

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So I finally got some new pictures with my new brows.

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I had a lot of fun last night. I'm really happy that I've been communicating with the outside world(school doesn't count) during the week. I enjoy seeing everyone. My feet are sore from playing DDR shoeless last night. I can't play in my boots so yeah...Ashley gave me an 80s mix. It's three CDs long and has a lot of the classic 80s tunes. It's great fun. I should make her a CD or two in return.

Vince should be coming over today for a little bit between classes and I'm highly excited for that.

Tomarrow, I'm going to Ashley's house and staying overnight. I'm really glad that we're becoming friends again.

Where the fuck is Jessica? How long can she be sick? Good god. I wonder if she will be in school tomarrow. She's so behind in CST.

Why am I so tiiiiired??? >< I'm dying.

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yesterday - woke up at 9:00 >< got ready and went to detroit. went on the people mover. talked to a really cool burnt-up bum man. he wanted our leftovers from greektown. i was planning on bringing him some. we went to some greek restraunt. i coulnt figure out what to order on the menu so i just ordered a gyro. didnt quite finish everything. took leftovers to where the bum once was. coppers now there instead. went back on the people mover. went to the financial district. got off and walked to the rennaisance center. on the way there, realized that there was some sort of rap fest going on where the demf was. got scared in the midst of so many people. felt very extremely white. got stared at alot. went into the rennaisance center and got lost. went up to the 71st floor and got sick on elevator. went back down and got even sicker. found out that the big glass elevators are no longer accessible to the public. made our way back to the car via people mover. came home. left to go to grandparents' hotel and went swimming with lots of annoying people. wanted to go homocidal but had fun anyway. got scarred when my grandfather was wearing a speedo. got my boob kicked out of my top. clorinated my eyes. got in a freakishly comfy hottub. went upstairs, got kfc and watched a knights tale. went home. watched the second dragonheart movie. realized it sucked. wasted my time. stayed up until 3 because i forgot to get my trazadone.
today- woke up at 915. went online for two seconds. mom needed to get online to look up stuff to do in canada with my grandparents. cut rachels hair. didnt really screw up. was happy with myself. killed an earwig. got back online. wrote in my livejournal/xanga.
future today- leaving at 330 to go to a free music festival in detroit behind the majestic with kayleigh, tamika, tamikas mom, and rachel.
tomarrow- 7pm going to top o' the park and meeting rosemary. watching the ninjas and working up the nerve to mosh. die in the mosh pit once i have worked up my nerve.

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since my computer is taking forever to load it....

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not a lot has happened. me, jess, and kayleigh had our personal pity party on jessica's porch. those are always fun. heh. griping and moaning about lost loves and crap. "i can't believe i found you. its like i won the lottery." i think kayleigh was upset at the subject matter of the conversation.

my grandmother (on my mom's side) is coming to visit friday. EVERYTHING is happening this weekend it seems like. she's coming friday, peter's graduation party is saturday 1-5, that..dude...across the street's graduation party is that night (his name completely slipped my mind...o.O; coffee.....), saturday is father's day, bobby wants to take me and jess and kayleigh to incognito the same day (and leather noir is just down the street!! ><), and also on saturday is this music festival that me kayleigh and tamika wanted to go to with tamikas mom and i wanted to bring rachel. ahhh! nothing...and then this. we'll see how everything turns out. it all depends on if my grandmother wants to do something with us this weekend. i definately can't possibly imagine what she would have in mind. i doubt i would want to do ANYTHING she would. she's freaking martha stuart without the whole jail thing. heh. my dad said we are probably just going to celebrate father's day later. i dont really care what goes on with that. it's a really awkward time of the year for me...oh AND i have therapy saturday morning. ah jeez. and its a family session. me mom and dad. this should be interesting.

"you're everywhere that i'm not" what a weird song... "you're in tokyo and i'm not. you're in nova scotia and i'm not."

i need to restring my guitars..OOO pink guitar pick ^^

oh. i finally visited with cliff a bit at jessica's house yesterday. i hadn't seen him since before i entered the hospital. i got chased down by him and it was scary O.O i felt like i was running for my life. hmm. yeah but it turns out all he really wanted to know was what the "artistic" picture of jessica was that me and kayleigh were talking about. he was being really weird but i told him it wasnt anything bad like he was presuming. he told me how protective of her he was and how scared of losing her he was. i told him that he acts too crazy about it, it will have the opposite effect and he WILL lose her. he really has a temper....i swear....if he ever...i dont care if i AM scared of him. i wont let him.

my birthday is coming up soon. ::excitement:: i really hope i can get that lip peircing i'm feaning over. ^^
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nooooooooooooooooo!!! mathai gardens are charging to get in now o.o 5 bucks. thats so retarded. paying for nature now. what's next? i hate everything....=(

i wanna have my wedding there when i get married. ^^

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